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We understand the value of enhancing your menu, as often and as creatively, as possible. So we’ve developed a library of menu inspirations for any time of day that are sure to transform your menu into something eggstraordinary!

Our team is constantly working to develop innovative options for your kitchen that will help you maximise productivity while adding tasty options to your menu.

Real egg meals created by real egg lovers.

Vegetable Frittata with Pesto Spaghetti.

Cook spaghetti to al dente and stir in pesto and extra grated Parmesan. Heat Sunny Queen Vegetable Frittatas and cut into thick slices. Plate up with a serve of pasta, and a sprig of basil.

Green Leaf Salad with Smashed Egg.

Top Smashed Egg onto a green salad made with cucumber, baby spinach, watercress, mesclun greens or mache. Serve with a zesty vinaigrette. So simple, fresh and delicious. A satisfying, light and versatile lunch that’s sure to please.

Grren leaf salad

Roast Vegetables & Egg Salad.

Roast pumpkin, red onion, zucchini with cherry tomatoes, spinach and rocket, topped with our creamy Poached Egg.

This flavoursome meal will add a nice touch to your menu.

Spanish Omelette Wrap.

Spanish Omelette, sliced lettuce, carrot and tomato topped with salsa. This is a great menu option for diners looking for a light option and want a mouthful of flavour! Try adding chilli to the salsa to give it a little spice.

Great served hot or cold.