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We understand the value of enhancing your menu, as often and as creatively, as possible. So we’ve developed a library of menu inspirations for any time of day that are sure to transform your menu into something eggstraordinary!

Our team is constantly working to develop innovative options for your kitchen that will help you maximise productivity while adding tasty options to your menu.

Real egg meals created by real egg lovers.

Individual Egg Florentine

Preheat oven and bake Egg Bites. Defrost spinach and extract moisture. Microwave and chop spinach, and layer into serving dishes ensuring they are no more than half full. Indent each pil of spinach and drizzle with warm hollandaise sauce. Top with an oven-fresh golden Egg Bite and sprinkle salt flakes and ground pepper.

Brochettes with Tomato Salsa

Thread two or three thawed Egg Bites onto skewers and bake until hot and golden. Arrange on platters while hot and scatter with shredded cheese so it starts to melt. Serve with a bowl of tomato salsa and garnish with micro herbs and halved cherry tomatoes.